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Energy Psychotherapy
Energy Psychotherapy is a synthesis of psychotherapy with Energy Psychology. Energy Psychology has its roots in ancient knowledge about the ways in which energy operates within the body, but is now supported by a substantial evidence base. The basic principle underpinning these new methods is that trauma is encoded within the body's energy field. In energy therapy simple procedures are used to guide the client to gently stimulate his or her own energy system while focusing the mind upon the target problem. Often this will rapidly release the underlying psycho-energetic structure that is generating or maintaining the current problem.

Energy Therapies introduce a number of strange concepts and practices which are difficult at first for the Western mind to accept. Dr Phil Mollon, a respected clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst who has been studying and using these therapeutic methods for over ten years writes of his experience:

“Many of us, having worked for years with other methods, find that energy psychology appears to offer results that are more rapid, deep and gentle than we or our clients have hitherto experienced. We have struggled with our own perplexity and scepticism, including the natural and almost ubiquitous tendency to reject whatever violates our fundamental assumptions, and we find ourselves embracing this developing field of therapeutic enquiry with persisting enthusiasm and astonishment.”

NICE Guidance on the treatment of PTSD published in December 2018 includes Energy Psychology interventions (which they call “Combined Somatic and Cognitive Therapies”) among their recommended therapies.

AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy)

AIT is a therapeutically sophisticated form of energy therapy which has been developed by Asha Clinton, a Jungian Analyst. AIT works with energetic memory centres on the body which are also known as "chakras".

Three step Trauma Transformation is the core method used in AIT.
This involves identifying a current issue that is causing distress and writing down a sentence which crystallises the nature and emotional effect of this issue. We then look to find earlier experience or experiences which evoked similar feelings and again focus this in one or more clear sentences. A third sentence makes explicit the common factor or link between the current issue and the earlier traumatic experience.

Example: Jane is distressed by the way she reacts when John criticises her for being slow:
Current Issue:
When John criticizes me for being slow I feel so angry that I can not bear to speak to him. (A)
Earlier traumatic experience:
My mother was very impatient and would shout at me for being too slow and it made me feel hopeless and “no good” (B)
Because I felt hopeless and “no good” when my mother shouted at me for being too slow, I also feel hopeless, and “no good” when John criticises me for being slow which makes me very angry. (C)

We work first with the earlier experience and determine the level of energetic distress still held around this experience. The client then holds one hand on the chakra which is at the centre of the distress and moves the other hand down through the other chakras, starting with the Crown. The sentence B is spoken at each chakra. Insights and body sensations are shared with the therapist at the end of a round. When the energetic distress around this experience has been cleared, the client and therapist celebrate the release and then work in the same way on the sentences A and C until these are also cleared.

Some simple issues may be completely resolved by a single AIT treatment, but more commonly there are clusters of related issues which all need to be treated along with negative core beliefs that develop from traumatic events and traumatic patterns.

PEP (Psychoanalytic Energy Psychology) was developed by Phil Mollon and involves working with both Chakras and Meridians to clear the energetic imprint of trauma.

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