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About Gestalt

Gestalt is a holistic therapy which recognises the importance of our whole selves - body, mind and spirit and celebrates our capacity to continue to change and develop throughout life, even in the face of grave difficulties and challenges.

Gestalt emphasises that people cannot be understood in isolation but only as part of the environment in which they live. We all influence and are influenced by our surroundings and by one another all the time. However "unfinished business" from the past can interfere with our natural capacity to adapt to the opportunities and demands of the present so as to live in the most satisfying and creative way.

As a Gestalt Therapist I am committed to working with you to explore your present situation and to discover how your past experience affects how you interpret and manage that present reality. This involves supporting you to get a fuller sense of the ways you feel, think, and act in different situations and at different times by paying attention to your moment-by-moment experience in the therapeutic setting. As you become more aware of old patterns of behaviour that are no longer useful, you become able to choose more freely in the present and so live more creatively. Change takes place, paradoxically, by accepting who you are and so becoming more fully yourself.

Gestalt therapy encourages working with the creative possibilities of experimenting. This includes classic Gestalt techniques such as dialogue with an empty chair and the Gestalt approach to dreamwork in which the different elements in a dream are seen as identifying the different fragments of your personality which can be re-owned and integrated.

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